Final 16 Announced / Round 3 voting open!


Thank you to everyone who voted in Round 2-B! We had a few hundred more votes and the results that came back were exciting! We had some clear winners and some super close ones. Here they are:

Clear Winners

  • Party Games: Codenames won over Time’s Up! with 73% of the votes.
  • 2-Player Games: 7 Wonders: Duel bested Patchwork with 61% of the votes.
  • Family Games: Ticket to Ride pulled out a win over Splendor with 65% of the votes.
  • Card Games: Hanabi got out Red7 with 73% of the votes.
  • Dice Games: King of Tokyo bested Machi Koro with 67% of the votes.


The Nail Biters

  • Strategic Games: Pandemic narrowly bested Lords of Waterdeep with 56% of the votes.
  • Social Games: Sheriff of Nottingham, with 52% of the votes, beat out Mysterium by only 8 votes!
  • Euro Games: This was the one to watch – these two games danced all weekend switching positions every hour or so. In the end, Five Tribes beat out Agricola by a mere 3 votes. Also notable about this match-up us that the two games is Five Tribes’s low seed (7), leaving the two lowest seeds left in the Euro category!


Round 3 Voting

Round 3 voting is live! These are our category finals! Tell us which games are your favorites before they start duking it out across categories!

Make sure you vote here!

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