Results for Round 1-A / Voting Open for Round 1-B


Thank you to everyone who voted in Round 1-A! We had a few hundred votes and the results that came back were super interesting! We had some clear winners and some close races. Watching the results change over time was great. Here are our results:

Clear Winners
A few games started off strong and just stayed that way. It’s no surprise that these were our highest variables. In the Family Games category, we had our biggest difference, with 7 Wonders collecting 87% of the votes over Munchkin. In fact, it looked like a shut-out at first – it wasn’t until 35 responses in that Munchkin even got it’s first vote! Similarly, we had Resistance beat Snake Oil with 81% of the vote, Roll for the Galaxy beat Quarriors with 78% of the votes, and Codenames beat Cards Against Humanity with 73% of the vote.

Hard-Fought Winners
Some of the games had strong showings, but could have easily flipped. Dominion always stayed a bit ahead of Smash Up, winning in the Card Game category with 66% of the vote. After day one, Tsuro was leading the strategy category, but in the end, Dead of Winter pulled it out with 63% of the vote.

Too Close for Comfort
Our last two categories went back-and-forth for some time. After day one, Lost Cities and Android: Netrunner were neck-and-neck, but day 2 voting gave it to Lost Cities with 60% of the vote, creating our first upset. As for the Euro category, these two games were, at one point, literally going vote-for-vote.  But day two voting brought out Carcassonne as the winner over Terra Mystica with 58% of the vote, and creating yet another upset, knocking out the highest-seeded game in the whole tournament!

Round 1-B Voting

Round 1-B voting is live! These games are our 2- and 7-seeds and present some very interesting match-ups, as well! We’re also giving out more bonus entries, as well, for sharing our contest! Those of you who liked/followed us in Round 1-A will still get those bonus entries – but now you can get 2 more per voting cycle!

Make sure you vote here!

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