Round 1-B Results / Round 1-C is Live!


Thank you to everyone who voted in Round 1-B! We had a few hundred more votes and the results that came back were nail-biting!

Clear Winners
I’m not going to sugar-coat it, we had a lot of clear winners. In fact, seven of the eight match-ups won by a significant margin. And many of them, except the card category, were¬†pretty clear early on. Here are the categories with the clear winners:

  • Party Games: Times Up! bested Monikers with 70% of the votes.
  • 2-Player Games: 7 Wonders: Duel bested Summoner Wars with 76% of the votes.
  • Family Games: Splendor bested Zooloretto with 83% of the votes, our biggest margin of the round.
  • Euro Games: Five Tribes bested Caverna with 63% of the votes, upsetting yet another one of the highest seeded games in the tournament!
  • Strategy Games: Lords of Waterdeep bested Tokaido with 72% of the votes.
  • Card Games: Red7 bested Tichu with 64% of the votes, creating yet another upset.
  • Dice Games: Machi Koro bested Troyes with 74% of the votes, creating our third upset.

Too Close for Comfort
The Social Games category was definitely the one to watch. Mysterium vs. Dixit – two very similar games. For most of the competition, these games remained within 2 votes of each other. And in the end, only one vote separated them. That’s right! Mysterium edged out Dixit by one vote! The rounded percentages are still 50/50, so that tells you just how close these games were!

Round 1-C Voting

Round 1-C voting is live! These games are our 3- and 6-seeds, so expect some more close¬†match-ups, though you really can’t get much closer!

Make sure you vote here!

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