Round 2-A Results / Round 2-B Open


The top 32 were decided and it’s been a close race for some of these games! In fact, only one of these categories had a winner just blow the other away. The rest, despite a few hundred votes, were just votes apart! Here are the results:

Clear Winners
Only the Party Games category had an insurmountable lead, but a few others were did well…

  • Party Games: Codenames beat Wits & Wagers with 75% of the votes!
  • Family Games: 7 Wonders bested Catan with 66% of the votes.
  • Dice Games: Roll for the Galaxy triumphed over BANG! The Dice Game with 68% of the votes

Close Races
The other five categories had closes races, some of which were only a handful of votes off!

  • 2-Player Games: Jaipur bested Lost Cities with 52% of the votes!
  • Social Games: Love Letter beat out Resistance with 56% of the votes.
  • Euro Games: Carcassonne got out Castles of Burgundy with 53% of the votes.
  • Strategy Games: Dead of Winter, after being a few votes behind for most of the round, beat Takenoko by only 3 votes!
  • Card Games: Dominion triumphed over Sushi Go with 56% of the vote.

Round 2-B Voting

Round 2-B voting is live! This will decide who our top 16 are!

Make sure you vote here!

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