Top 4 Announced!


A huge thank you to everyone who voted in Round 3! Hundreds of more votes and one close one! Even this late in the game, they’re super close! But that should be much of a surprise – these are all great games!


  • Codenames beat 7 Wonders: Duel with 59% of the votes!
  • Ticket to Ride beat out Sheriff of Nottingham with 70% of the votes.
  • Pandemic won over Carcassonne with 55% of the votes here. Good job to Carcassonne, who was a low seed and made it to the top 8!
  • King of Tokyo narrowly beat Dominion by only 6 votes!

Round 5 Voting

Round 5 voting is live! Time to decide what games go head to head in the championship round!!!

Make sure you vote here!

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