We have our Category Winners! – Top 8!


Thank you to everyone who voted in Round 3! More super close match-ups here – 3 of them were decided by less than 5 votes! It seems that as we get closer to the final rounds, it’s getting harder and harder for you all to decide.

Category Winners

  • Party Games: This was a clear winner here. Codenames beat out Wits & Wagers with 75% of the votes!
  • 2-Player Games: 7 Wonders: Duel bested Jaipur with 67% of the votes!
  • Family Games: In a big surprise, Ticket to Ride beat out 7 Wonders with 59% of the votes.
  • Social Games: Our first close one! With 51% of the votes, Sheriff of Nottingham beat out Love Letter by just 5 votes!
  • Euro Games: Another close one. The votes are rounded to 50/50, but in the end Carcassonne defeated Five Tribes by just 2 votes. Also of note here is that in the Euro category, the lowest rated game took the whole category!
  • Strategy Games: Pandemic won over Lords of Waterdeep with 60% of the votes here.
  • Card Games: The clear winner here was Dominion over Hanabi with 68% of the votes.
  • Dice Games: This was our closest one – by only ONE vote, King of Tokyo bested Roll for the Galaxy.

Round 4 Voting

Round 4 voting is live! Now that we know who our category winners are, it’s time to start pitting them against each other!

Make sure you vote here!

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